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Moral Oriented Stories
Greed-a Curse Learn To Live With Your Weaknesses
United We Stand ;divided We Fall Small Things Do Big Jobs
Look Before You Leap One In-hand Is Worth Two In-bush
The Hare And The Tortoise The Grapes Are Sour
Nobody Believes A Liar Work Is Worship
Wickedness Ruins Beware Of Shrewd Neighbours
No Use Repenting When It's Too Late Hard Work-key To A Gold Mine
High Rank Needs A High Sense Keep Your Eyes Open
Unwise Start Leads To A Sad End Learn To Grasp The Nettles, If You Want Berries
Say The Truth But Don't Hurt Anyone's Feelings Never Pretend What You Are Not
Excess Of Anything Is Bad Beware Of Hypocrites
Blaming Needs Wisdom Always Be Prepared For The Worst
Only Others Can Tell Your Worth Appearance Is Often Deceptive
Wicked Deserves No Mercy Never Be Ungrateful
As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Learn To Fix Your Loyality
Learn To Be Guided By Your Own Self Never Heed Your Enemy's Advice
Foolish Friend - Worse Than A Foe A Willful Person Ever Suffers
Crave More; Lose What You Have Unfaithfulness Never Pays
A Bought Comfort Isn't A Blessing Habits Die Very Hard
Think Twice Before You Act Blind Love Brings In Ill Luck
Never Gift A Thing Useless To You Rod Works When Love Fails
Keep Your Goodness Pan Heavier Live And Let Live
Never Be Double Faced Disguise Never Works
Appearences Are Often Deceiving Spot Your Foe Before You Hit
Beauty Is Not Eternal Unused Riches Are Useless
One Good Turn Deserves Another Better Bent Than Broken
Self Importance Always Lets You Down Poverty Without Care Is Better Than Riches Full Of Anxiety
Cruel Fun Is No Fun At All Mere Looks Aren't Enough
A Known Enemy Is Always Better Position Has Its Value
Every Coin Has Two Faces Pride Has A Fall
Friendship Is A Strong Weapon He Rules Best Who Rules Least
Union Is A Great Strength Vanity Leads To Disgrace
Disunity Invites Enemies Each Picture Has Two Sides
Don't Comply With Wrong Pleas A Fox And A Crane
Learn To Look At Your Interiors Never Fight Over Trifles
Dangers Need Rescue Not Snub Least Sufferers Complain Most
Take As Much As You Can Hold A Coward Can't Teach Courage
Ungrateful Surely Suffers Stay Away From Distant Dangers
Look Ahead Before You Move A Lion And A Mouse
Straying Away Is Always Risky Keep Trying Until You Succeed
Time Is Valuable Let The Master Wake Up
Stealing Is Bad Think Before You Speak
The Haunted House Hard Work Always Pays
Always Be Truthful Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Naughtiness Is Harmful Horse Riding From A Book
Don't Act Hastily Loss Due To Negligence
Never Leave Friends The Disguised Peacock
Never Trust The Well Wishes Of Foes Cost Of The Bell
Result Of Misdeed The Selfish Horse
The Foolish Boy The Manageralways Care For Others
A Small Thing Costs Much The Little Scholar
The Foolish Deer Result Of Negligence
Who Is Poor Never Tell A Lie
Peace Of Mind Hard Work Always Pays
Fight Always Gives Bad Result Concentration
Have Faith In God Blind Imitation Is Bad
A Fussy Customer Realisation Of Mistake
Heavy Load Taste Of A Dish
A Monkey And Two Cats The Discontented Dog


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