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Once there was a bee-keeper who had developed a good apiary. He used to take good care of the bees and they gathered a lot of honey in the hives.

Once the bee-keeper went to the market for some urgent work. The bees had also gone to collect honey and the apiary was left unguarded.

Unfortunately, a thief came there and broke into the apiary. Seeing no one over there, he stole all the honey and made for his house.

When the bee-keeper returned, he was upset to see all the bee-hives empty. Just then the bees returned with more honey in their mouth. Seeing their hives overturned, they assumed the bee-keeper as the robber as he was standing very much there. So, they attacked him and stung him hard.

The bee-keeper cried, "You should have spotted the thief before punishing me."

The End..

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