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Once upon a time three sons were engaged in merchantile business under the supervision of their father. They were very rich. Each son was proficient in his own department.

If one was good in sales, the other one was competent in purchases and similarly the third one in finance.

Unluckily, one day the father got bed ridden and the sons decided to divide the business under the fallacy that each of them were experts in their own way and can handle their individual business solely.

The father was glum and grumpy with their decision but was helpless and unfortunately the separation took place.

As a result three of them became each other's competitors. With the passage of time, they started having huge losses in their respective businesses. They tried all possible ways to succeed but the situation became worse.

Then they came to their father for a piece of advice. The father said "when you all were doing the business jointly, the business ran successfully. But it was not any one of you responsible for the success of the business rather traits of all three of you put together made the business successful".

The sons realized their mistake & got reunited. So we conclude that disunity always ruins.

The End..

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