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A pool was abounded with frogs. They always desired to have a king, as they felt unguarded without him. So, they held a meeting and decided to see Jupiter, the chief of gods, and ask him for a king. So, they went to him and placed their request before him.

Jupiter was surprised at the foolish request and tried to advise the frogs but all in vain. So, he cast a big log into the pool and said that it was their king. The splash of the falling log terrified the frogs and they ran hurriedly to save themselves. But after some time, they came back and sat on the log. Seeing it quite motionless, they began to hate it.

So, the frogs again came to Jupiter and requested him to replace their king with some active king. Jupiter sent a crane as their king who began to catch and eat them up daily.

Thus, they were taught a right lesson for their folly.

The End..

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