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Once a deer was grazing in a forest. A hunter saw him from a distance and rushed towards him. Luckily, the deer saw him well in time and ran to save his life.

The hunter gave him a hot chase but in no time, the deer gained a large distance. The hunter was still after him. So, the deer hid himself under cover of a thick vine that grew by the way-side. The hunter took no notice of him and passed by.

Finding the danger to be over, the deer started browsing the green leaves of the vine. It sent the leaves rustling and their sound caught the attention of the hunter who had not gone far away.

So, the hunter shot an arrow into the vine and it pierced the deer’s heart. While dying , the deer said, "I deserve this fate for being ungrateful. The vine protected me from the danger but I started eating its leaves. How deceptive of me."

The End..

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