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  • 9th class Curriculum

 Remodeled  Assessment  Scheme 

With Effect from the academic year 2017-18, Remodeled  Assessment  Scheme will be applicable.Under revised scheme of studies along with remodeled assessment scheme for the school offering vocational subject as compulsory subject under NSQF stands discontinued from the academic year 2017-18.
On the Restoration of Board Examination for Class X From Academic  year 2017-18 onwards,Class IX/X under NSQF, The vocational subject can be offered as an additional (optional) subject in combination with five core Academic subjects. The CGPA of class IX and X will be calculated based on the grade obtained in five academic subjects and grade obtained in vocational subject will be reflected under additional (optional) subject.
Vocational subject can be offered as additional (compulsory) subject with five core Academic subjects. The CGPA of Class IX / X will be calculated based on the grade obtained in all six subjects, if vocational subject is taken as additional (compulsory) sixth subject. Student can also opt 7th subject as optional (e g. Regional Language) if desired.
If any Student  fails in any one of the three electives subjects( i.e. Science, mathematice, social science) then it will be replaced by vocational subject ( offered as 6th additional subject) and result of class X Board Examination will be calculated accordingly.
However student desire to reappear in the failed subject, he/ she may appear alongwoth the compartment examination 

Revised Scheme of studies 

Social Science
Vocational subject


The curriculum encompasses six major learning areas for the purpose of fostering core competence in learners, which are: Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Performing and Visual arts.Major Contents of Each Curriculum Learning Area in Secondary Classes
Languages include Hindi, English, and another 36 languages and focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, along with developing effective communicating proficiencies
Humanities (Geography, History, Economics and Political Science) include the learning of history and culture, geographical environment, global institutions, constitutional values and norms, politics, economy, interpersonal and societal interactions, civic responsibilities, and the incorporation of the above-mentioned learning into one's life.
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Sciences) include gaining knowledge about matter and energy, nature, the environment, technology, breakthroughs in science. It will focus on knowledge and skills to develop a scientific attitude, use and application of such knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life and further use this learning to analyse, evaluate, synthesise, create, invent and discover. 
Mathematics includes acquiring the concepts related to number sense, operation sense, computation, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics, the skill to calculate and organize, and the ability to apply this knowledge and acquired skills in their daily life. It also includes understanding of the principles of reasoning and problem solving.
Performing and Visual Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Drawing, Painting, Crafts and Sculpture) include, instruction in these arts, aiming to help learners cultivate an interest and appreciation for arts and encourage them to enthusiastically participate in related activities, thus promoting abilities such as imagination, creativity, valuing arts, and the cultural heritage
Health and Physical Education focuses on the learning for holistic development, both mental and physical. Understanding the importance of physical fitness, health, well-being and the factors that contribute to them. Focus of this curriculum is on helping learners develop a positive attitude and commitment to lifelong, healthy active living and the capacity to live satisfying, productive lives with the help of proper health management, sports, yoga, fitness and lifestyle choices.

NOTE: The information taken from Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) at, is represented here in a user-friendly way for convenience of students. User must refer CBSE for current status of information.

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