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  • 1st class Examination scheme

Examination scheme

As per the new pattern, students will be assessed in two areas - Scholastic and Co-scholastic.
For assessment of the scholastic areas, the academic year is divided in two terms and two types of tests will be conducted to assess the academic subjects as given in Table  below.

Formative Assessment

The formative assessment is a tool continuously monitor the progress of a student. The assessment may include quizzes, conversations, oral testing, visual testing, projects, practical, assignments, class test, class-work, home work etc. 
The teacher is free to take any number of formative tests in his/her subject during the year but only four formative tests will be taken into account in each subject ( the best two out of those for each term). Performance of the students will be reflected in grades.
In primary classes the formative tests will be in the form of – Dictation, oral test, class test, home work, class work, assignments & projects (III to V), Memory test, Story telling, Quiz (III to V), Elocution (III to V) or any other tool found suitable by the teacher. 
The formative tests are purely informal, however, the teachers will inform the date and time of test before hand. These tests will be taken in the regular periods only.

Summative Assessment

The Summative assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of instruction. Under the end term Summative assessment, the students will be tested internally. The Summative assessment will be in the form of a pen-paper test conducted by the schools themselves. It will be conducted at the end of each term twice in a year.

Term wise weightage


CBSE advised the schools to desist from the existing pass-fail system based on terminal examination. The Board has also circulated a copy of Achievement Record to schools as a model to adopt. The schools have been given the necessary flexibility to incorporate changes suiting to local requirements. The document is aimed at providing a holistic picture of the learner and would not give any negative input about the performance of the learner. The objective is to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a learner through constant diagnosis of gaps and difficulties in learning and helping the learner in overcoming them through remediation of instructions.
The grade of the child can be computed in the achievement card based on the percentage of presence of behaviour indicator in the above category of percentiles. Besides certain remarks can be made in scholastic and co-scholastic areas as well as the achievement level of the child. 
All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades in 5 point scale for primary (classes I to V). The report cards will carry the grades only.The performance of the students in the primary classes will also be shown in GRADES (5 point scale). The grades will be given on the basis of performance of the students in all the 6 tests. The new grading system is given below

Primary classes (5 point scale)      

Grade – 1 Outstanding A* 90% to 100 %
Grade – 2 Excellent A 75% to 89 %
Grade – 3 Very Good B 56% to 74 %
Grade – 4 Good C 35% to 55 %
Grade – 5 Scope for improvement D Below 35 %

NOTE: The information taken from Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) at, is represented here in a user-friendly way for convenience of students. User must refer CBSE for current status of information.

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