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  • Delhi Police Exam General Knowledge Study Material

Digitization help student to explore and study their academic courses online, as this gives them flexibility and scheduling their learning at their convenience. Kidsfront has prepared unique course material of General Knowledge General Biology for Delhi Police Exam student. This free online General Knowledge study material for Delhi Police Exam will help students in learning and doing practice on General Biology topic of Delhi Police Exam General Knowledge. The study material on General Biology, help Delhi Police Exam General Knowledge students to learn every aspect of General Biology and prepare themselves for exams by doing online test exercise for General Biology, as their study progresses in class. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning General Knowledge with free online comprehensive study material and loads of Delhi Police Exam General Knowledge General Biology exercise prepared by the highly professionals team. Students can understand General Biology concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing practice test on General Biology regularly till they excel in General Knowledge General Biology.

General Biology
The transition Zone between two Ecosystems is called

a) Biome
b) Biotype
c) Ecotone
d) Sere

Correct Answer Is : Ecotone
Solution Is :
Dog bite can cause rabies, which among the following other animals can also cause rabies ?

a) Donkey
b) Bat
c) Horse
d) Crocodile

Correct Answer Is : Bat
Solution Is :
The disease Athlete Food is caused by

a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Protozoa
d) Nematode

Correct Answer Is : Fungi
Solution Is :
Which of the following is a good source of Vitamin E ?

a) Meat
b) Ghee
c) Yellow Yolk
d) Vegetable

Correct Answer Is : Vegetable
Solution Is :
Bile is stored in

a) Gall bladder
b) Duodenum
c) Liver
d) Spleen

Correct Answer Is : Gall bladder
Solution Is :
Antigen is a substance which

a) Lowers body temperature
b) Destroys harmful bacteria
c) Triggers is the immune system
d) Is used as an antidote to poison

Correct Answer Is : Destroys harmful bacteria
Solution Is :
Touch corpuscles are present in which part of the body?

a) Epidermis
b) Dermis
c) Blood
d) Muscles

Correct Answer Is : Dermis
Solution Is :
Q. Which organ of the body is affected in typhoid?

a) Stomach
b) Kidney
c) Lungs
d) Intestine

Correct Answer Is : Lungs
Solution Is :
What does `P` denote in DPT vaccine?

a) Psoriasis
b) Pertussis
c) Pancolitis
d) Parkinsons

Correct Answer Is : Pertussis
Solution Is :
Zica virus is transmitted to humans by ........

a) Rat
b) Mosquitoes
c) Cockroach
d) Rabbits

Correct Answer Is : Mosquitoes
Solution Is :
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