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  • Class 8 Science Study Material

An Educational platform for Preparation and Practice Class 8. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Science with free online comprehensive study material in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER for each Chapter of Science for Class 8. This study material help Class 8, Science students in learning every aspect of Cell Structure and Function. Students can understand Cell Structure and Function concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing Online Practice Tests on Science,Cell Structure and Function chapter repeatedly till they excel in Class 8, Cell Structure and Function. Free ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS on Class 8, Cell Structure and Function comprise of Hundreds of Questions on Cell Structure and Function, prepared by the highly professionals team. Every repeat test of Cell Structure and Function will have new set of questions and help students to prepare themselves for exams by doing unlimited Online Test exercise on Cell Structure and Function. Attempt ONLINE TEST on Class 8,Science,Cell Structure and Function in Academics section after completing this Cell Structure and Function Question Answer Exercise.

Unique pattern

  • Topic wise:Cell Structure and Function preparation in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER.
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Cell Structure and Function
Among Amoeba, hen, octopus, Paramecium and bacteria, the unicellular organisms are

a) Amoeba, octopus.
b) Hen, octopus, bacteria.
c) Amoeba, Paramecium, bacteria.
d) Paramecium, hen.

Correct Answer Is : Amoeba, Paramecium, bacteria.
Solution Is : Amoeba, Paramecium and bacteria are unicellular organisms as they consist of a single cell. This single cell helps them to carry out all the body functions. Whereas in hen and octopus millions of cells are present making them multi-cellular organisms. They have special cells combined in groups to perform different activities.
One of the correct statement among the given is
i) Cilia are present in Paramecium.
ii) Flagella are present in Euglena.
iii) Cilia help in growth of the cell.
iv) Both cilia and flagella help in

a) I), ii) and iv).
b) I) and ii).
c) I), ii) and iii).
d) I), iii) and iv).

Correct Answer Is : I), ii) and iv).
Solution Is : Cilia and flagella are the outgrowths, which help in locomotion through their lashing movement. Cilia are present in Paramecium while flagella are present in Euglena.
The term cell was coined by Robert Hooke, when he was examining under the microscope the slice of

a) Cork.
b) Egg.
c) Leaf.
d) Onion.

Correct Answer Is : Cork.
Solution Is : Robert Hooke observed the cork cells, which were dead cells. They appeared to him like small compartments so he called them ?cells?.
The attribute of the cell denoted by the term spherical and columnar defines its

a) Size.
b) Shape.
c) Colour.
d) Volume.

Correct Answer Is : Shape.
Solution Is : These are different shapes of the cells. Like, some of the epithelial cells are cuboidal, nerve cells are long, meristematic cells are rounded etc.
Smallest cell in size observed in bacteria is

a) Bacillus.
b) Cynobacterial.
c) Mycoplasmas.
d) Acetobacter.

Correct Answer Is : Mycoplasmas.
Solution Is : Mycoplasma is the smallest cell having size 0.1 micron (ten thousandth part of a millimeter).
Largest cell, which can be observed with an unaided eye is a/an

a) Ostrich`s egg.
b) Nerve cell. .
c) Green algae chara.
d) Elephant`s egg

Correct Answer Is : Ostrich`s egg.
Solution Is : Largest cell is the ostrich`s egg, which can be seen without any microscope. Its diameter is 170mm.
In the egg, the central yellow part surrounded by the white part is

a) Albumen and yolk respectively.
b) Yolk and albumen respectively.
c) Protein and carbohydrate respectively.
d) Protein and fat respectively.

Correct Answer Is : Yolk and albumen respectively.
Solution Is : The central yellow part of the egg is called as yolk, which represents the single cell. The outer white portion is called the albumen, which is an accessory layer around cell.
Plasma membrane and rigid outer layer cell wall both give

a) Shape to the cell.
b) Colour to the cell.
c) Length to the cell.
d) Function to the cell.

Correct Answer Is : Shape to the cell.
Solution Is : Each cell has a definite shape due to the presence of a plasma membrane. Besides, the cell wall also gives support and shape to the cell.
Match the following :
(i) Protoplasm   (A) cell control unit
(ii) Nucleus   (B) Condensed chromatin
(iii) Organelles   (C) Liquid substance
(iv) Chromosomes   (D) Smaller components of cell

a) (i)-(A); (ii)-(D); (iii)-(C); (iv)-(B)
b) (i)-(B); (ii)-(A); (iii)-(C); (iv)-(D)
c) (i)-(C); (ii)-(D); (iii)-(B); (iv)-(A)
d) (i)-(C); (ii)-(A); (iii)-(D); (iv)-(B)

Correct Answer Is : (i)-(C); (ii)-(A); (iii)-(D); (iv)-(B)
Solution Is : Protoplasm is the liquid portion filled inside the cell along with the cell organelles; nucleus is the central portion of the cell, which controls the activities of the cell. Chromosomes are the condensed and thickened chromatin fibers, which carry the hereditary information from one generation to the next. Organelles or the cell organelles are the components present inside the cell like mitochondria, plastids, vacuoles etc.
The semi-fluid gel present in the nucleus is

a) Protoplasm.
b) Nucleoplasm.
c) Cytoplasm.
d) Protein solution.

Correct Answer Is : Nucleoplasm.
Solution Is : The nucleus of every cell is located at the center of the cell. It is filled with a liquid called the nucleoplasm and is surrounded by a membrane called the nuclear membrane.
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