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Name Of Wombat

Name Wombat
Male Name jack
Femle Name jill
Kids/Baby Name joey
Group Name mob
More About Wombat

  • Wombats are mammals.
  • Wombats are marsupials.
  • Wombats are native only to Australia.
  • Wombats look somewhat like a little bear.
  • There are two basic kinds of wombats, the Common wombat, and the Hairy-nosed wombat.
  • Wombats are nocturnal grazers.
  • They eat mainly grasses and roots.
  • They live in large burrows up to 30 meters (100 feet) long.
  • Wombats are extremely strong and very proficient diggers.
  • Wombats can be anything from a sandy color to brown or black to grey.
  • The average wombat is about 1 meter (40 inches) long and weighs about 25 kg (55 pounds).
  • Wombats can live from about 5 years to over 30 years.
  • Wombats are generally solitary.
  • Most Australians have never seen a wild wombat
  • Wombat fur may range from cream to grey, brown, or black.
  • An adult Common Wombat weighs 20 - 40 kg. Head and body measure 100 cm and the tail is 2.5 cm long.
  • A wombat can run at 40km/h for a short distance.
  • If grasped on the back, a wombat will kick backward with both hind feet like a donkey. Although wombats look cute they can be aggressive, threatening, and dangerous.
  • Newborn bean sized wombat weights only one gram. It drags itself into the backward-facing mother's pouch, attaches to a nipple and stays there for six - ten months.
  • Resting in borrow slows down wombat's metabolism to 60-70% of its normal rate.
  • Wombat life span is 5 - 26 years.

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