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Name Of Weasel

Name Weasel
Male Name dog, buck, Jack, hob
Femle Name bitch, doe, Jill
Kids/Baby Name kit
Group Name gang
More About Weasel

  • Weasel is like a small stoat, with a shorter tail without the black tip.
  • The males are much larger than the females. "
  • The head and body of a male is about 20cm. and a female measures about 18cm. Weasels do not turn white in winter in Britain.
  • Weasels are active by day and night, but they prefer to hunt under cover. "
  • They eat mainly mice, voles and shrews, but will probably kill and eat any other prey that they can master, including young rabbits, small birds and eggs.
  • Weasels normally raise two litters a year, the first in late spring and then a second in late summer. The young are weaned after 4 to 5 weeks. The young from the first litter may breed in their first year.
  • The weasel can be found almost anywhere in Canada (the coast, the mountains, the prairies and the far north). The weasel will move into a den of an animal that it has killed.
  • In April, two to ten babies are born in a burrow. The nest is lined with fur from animals that the weasel has killed.
  • The mother watches them closely and takes good care of them. In about five weeks their eyes are open.
  • Young weasels begin to hunt when they are about two months old.
  • The weasel has a tiny face, sharp teeth and claws, and a tail with black fur at the tip. In winter it is white and in summer it is brown.
  • The short-tailed weasel is a tiny animal, only 15 to 23 cm long.
  • It hunts for rabbits, rats, birds, frogs, ground squirrels and pika ( a small rodent that lives in the mountains)
  • Weasels that live in the north also feed on Arctic hare and lemming.
  • The weasel can find the open entrance to an animal's tunnel and hunt the animal underground.
  • The weasel ususally hunts at night. It kills its prey by biting it at the back of the neck.
  • The weasel may be small but it is a good fighter and moves in a flash.
  • It is a silent hunter and can approach without a sound, then rush upon its prey.
  • The weasel's coat changes colour. The brownish summer coat turns white for the winter. Just the tip of the tail stays black.
  • The weasel does not have many friends. Animals much bigger than it do not dare come near. Some say the weasel will kill without reason even though it is not hungry. It is not afraid to fight a bear or a porcupine.
  • Weasels are as curious as racccons. They look under every bush and sneak into holes.
  • Ferrets and minks are cousins of the weasel.

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