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Name Of Walrus

Name Walrus
Male Name bull
Femle Name cow
Kids/Baby Name cub, pup
Group Name herd, pod
More About Walrus

  • They cannot move well on land but they are very good swimmers. The walrus can dive to the ocean floor.
  • The layers of blubber and thick skin protect the walrus from the cold wind as they lie out on the ice.
  • The bottoms of the flippers are bumpy so the walrus can grip the ice.
  • Its tusks may help the walrus to climb out of the water and onto the ice.
  • Every other year the cow ( female ) gives birth to a calf. Babies are born on ice floes. Newborns have a thin layer of blubber, so they are covered with a coat of short hairs.
  • The mothers and babies sleep and rest on the floating ice. If there is danger the mother picks up her calf with her flippers, holds it to her chest and dives into the water.
  • The calf drink its mother's milk and grows very quickly. Soon the calf is able to dive. The young walrus stays with its mother for two to three years.
  • The walrus feeds on clams, krill, crabs, worms and snails. They also eat octopus and fish. Whiskers help the walrus feel for food in the shallow waters. A walrus may also attack a seal with its tusks.
  • On land the walruses lie close together in herds.
  • Large herds may have over a thousand animals.
  • They are very loud noisy animals and make a bellowing sound.
  • When a walrus is attacked , the others come to help it.
  • When a walrus sunbathes its skin turns red The heat causes blood to rush to the skin.
  • Years ago hunting endangered the walrus. Numbers are increasing in the North Pacific Ocean. They are still threatened in the North Atlantic.
  • The male walrus is called a "bull", the female is a "cow" and the baby is a "calf".
  • The adult walrus is huge and can weigh up to 1400 kg.(from 2000 to 3000 pounds).
  • Their brownish skin is very thick and wrinkled. They have long sharp tusks and whiskers.
  • Walruses live in the Arctic seas and on land.

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