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Name Of Wallaby

Name Wallaby
Male Name jack
Femle Name jill
Kids/Baby Name joey
Group Name mob
More About Wallaby

  • They live in areas of scrubland or open forest with stretches of dry grass, widely spaced patches of bushes and clumps of trees.
  • Their main foods are grass and the shoots of young plants. Like many grass eaters they re-chew and re-digest their food by
  • chewing the cud".
  • Wallabies are sometimes killed and eaten by dingos.
  • After a pregnancy lasting just one month, the female wallaby gives birth to a tiny hilpless baby which crawls into a special pouch and latches on to a teat. It grows and develops in the pouch for for about 8 months, but will keep coming back to mum for a drink of milk for longer - sometimes trying to climb back into the pouch! By this time she will probably have another baby in her pouch, so she must be very firm with her older youngster.
  • Scientists have discovered that, amazingly, wallabies can produce two different kinds of milk at the same time: one for the tiny baby and another, richer blend for its big brother or sister!
  • Wallabies are mainly nocturnal, coming out to graze in the late afternoon until early the next morning.
  • During the day they rest in clumps of trees or bushes.
  • The wallaby's large, powerful tail is used for balance when hopping or grazing.
  • A tail-less wallaby would probably topple over onto its nose!
  • Large ears that can be swivelled round sideways give the wallaby an excellent sense of hearing.
  • Its sense of smell is good, too, but its eyesight is thought to be quite poor.

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