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Name Of Toad

Name Toad
Male Name male
Femle Name female
Kids/Baby Name tadpole
Group Name knot
More About Toad

1. the name toad commonly refers to those species that have relatively short legs, stout bodies, and thick skins, 2. no teeth 3. There are about 300 species of toads in the world. According to the United States Biological Survey, there are 21 species of true toads (members of Bufonidae) in North America. 4. Most toads are fat in the middle, and have fairly short rear legs compared to frogs. 5. Toads seldom live in water, and many live far from water, as adults. 6. The parotid glands in toads (the huge bumps behind the eyes) secrete a toxin that tastes awful. If a predator picks up atoad in its mouth, the gland instantly starts oozing poison, and the predator spits out the toad! The toxin in the Cane Toad is so poisonous that it can kill dogs and cats, and burn our skin. 7. The largest North American toads are the Colorado River Toad, which is almost 17 cm long, and the Cane Toad (also called the Marine Toad and the Giant Toad), which can be found in south Texas and was introduced in south Florida, which typically grows to 23 cm. 8. The tiniest toads in the world are the Oak Toad, of southeastern North America, and Rose's Toad, of South Africa. Both species are only about 2.5 cm long when full grown. 9. Almost all toads eat little but invertebrate animals. 10. Toads catch their food by flipping their tongue out. They have no teeth at all. 11. Male toads are smaller than females, but have bigger, stronger front feet. 12. Toads usually lay their eggs in long strings. 13. Toads generally live 4-5 years, but some can live up to 40 years. 14. Toads eat a variety of insects and invertebrates including ants, flies, earwigs, worms, and slugs. They will also eat various vegetation, snakes, small birds and mammals, and sometimes frogs. 15. They range in length from about 1 to 7 in. (2.5-18 cm 16. Fertilization is external

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