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Name Of Swan

Name Swan
Male Name cob
Femle Name pen
Kids/Baby Name cygnet, flapper
Group Name bevy, game, herd, team, wedge (flying in a "V" formation)
More About Swan

  • Their buoyancy on water is due to air held in plumage.
  • Body plumage is continually covered by oil from the preen gland.
  • They are very careful not to get water under their plumage.
  • These birds have flapping flight and are unable to glide or soar extensively.
  • They are flightless for some weeks after the breeding season, when flight feathers moult simultaneously.
  • Swans can range in size from 56-62 inches long, with a wingspan of 7-8 feet.
  • The average life span of a wild swan is 18 years. Swans living in captivity average 30-40 years with one on record having lived 70 years.
  • An adult male (cob) can weigh up to 25 pounds. One male on record reached an unbelievable weight of 50 pounds. Females (pen) average 21 pounds.
  • A baby swan is called a cygnet
  • A swan's nest (clutch) may be up to 15 feet in diameter
  • A swan's nest may be up to 15 feet in diameter

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