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Name Of Swallow

Name Swallow
Male Name -
Femle Name -
Kids/Baby Name -
Group Name flight
More About Swallow

  • Male and female look alike, except female tail is slightly shorter.
  • How tall? - about 20cm.
  • Nests on ledge or rafters in buildings.
  • Nest saucer shaped. Made by both birds. Made of mud and dried grass, lined with feathers.
  • Lays eggs - from May to August.
  • How many eggs? 3 - 6 eggs.
  • Mother incubates eggs (sits on eggs to keep them warm).
  • Eggs hatch in 13 to 14 days.
  • Baby swallows fed by both parents.
  • Babies can fly when they are about 18 to 21 days old.
  • Food - flying insects including dragonflies and butterflies.
  • There are about 100 species of swallows, including the martins, which belong to the same family.
  • Swallows have long, narrow wings, forked tails, and weak feet.
  • They are extremely graceful in flight, making abrupt changes in speed and direction as they feed on the wing, catching insects in their wide mouths.
  • Their plumage is blue or black with a metallic sheen, generally darker above than below.
  • They nest in flocks in barns, sheds, chimneys, or other secluded places.

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