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Name Of Sheep

Name Sheep
Male Name buck, ram
Femle Name ewe, dam
Kids/Baby Name lamb, lambkin, cosset
Group Name drift, drove, flock,herd, mob, trip
More About Sheep

  • Sheep usually live to be about eight years old.
  • They hate to be alone--that's why they live in flocks (groups of sheep).
  • Sheep are very gentle animals and are easily frightened.
  • They flock together for protection because they can't really protect themselves.
  • The sheep has many natural predators, animals that hunt and kill sheep for food. They include coyotes, wolves and domestic dogs.
  • Sometimes larger animals, like mules or llamas, are kept in the pastures with the sheep to scare off possible predators.
  • Sheep eat grass and hay.
  • Sheep usually give birth once a year and have 1-3 lambs.
  • One year's growth of fleece is about 8 pounds of wool.
  • Sheep are usually shorn once a year.
  • Sheep are also raised to provide meat.
  • The meat from a grown sheep is called mutton and that from a young sheep is called lamb. Most of the lambs in Michigan are raised for meat.
  • Female sheep are called ewes, baby sheep are called lambs, and male sheep are called rams. A group of sheep is called a flock.
  • Sheep can see more than us. They have a 270 degree radius of view, almost 3/4 of a circle, humans only see 170 degrees at best.
  • Each sheep has it's own "Flight Zone", a measurable distance around their bodies. This is the distance the sheep feels it needs to get away from danger. Sheep will not allow anything (even each other, with exceptions) to come within it's flight zone.
  • Sheep feel things and have language. they use various sounds to communicate different emotions and messages among flock members.
  • Sheep are individual and unique. Each sheep can distinguish between all other sheep, they can recognize fellow flock mates even after years of separation.
  • Sheep would rather walk up-hill, than down.

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