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Name Of Raven

Name Raven
Male Name --
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Group Name congress, unkindness
More About Raven

  • Ravens are large black birds, with a blue-purple iridescence to their feathers.
  • They are approximately 24-27 inches long at maturity, and their wingspan doubles that.
  • The beak and feet are black, and the iris of the eye is brown.
  • Young birds are less glossy than adults, but they lose the dullness when they reach maturity.
  • They range from islands in the northern Arctic to deserts of North Africa, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coasts of North America. They can be found in England, in Mexico, in Turkey, and many other locations. Preferences vary with species, but most prefer wooded areas, especially along the coast and in the mountains.
  • Ravens nest in single pairs (pairs which stay away from other nesting pairs). Evidence suggests that, once paired, ravens will remain mated for life.
  • Within that nest, the female raven will lay 4 - 7 eggs, which are greenish, blotched with brown. Both parents incubate the eggs, and feed the hungry young.
  • Young stay in the nest for approximately 6 - 10 weeks.
  • Ravens are omnivorous. They will eat anything which is edible (and many things which aren't). Their usual diet contains insects, seeds, berries, carrion (the bodies of animals killed by creatures other than the raven), the eggs and young of other birds, and occasionally small mammals.
  • When living near humans, ravens will also eat human garbage.
  • Ravens have a wedge-shaped tail, distinguishing them from crows, which have a fan-shaped tail.
  • Weight: 24-30 oz.
  • Wing span: 40-48"
  • Sexual Maturity: 1 year
  • Mating Season: Jan-March
  • Incubation Period: 18-20 days
  • No. of Eggs: 3-7 avg.
  • Birth Interval: 1 year
  • Lifespan: 15 years in the wild
  • Typical diet: Rodets, insects, grains
  • The raven has a large, complex and varied vocabularty.
  • Male ravens are larger than females.

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