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Name Of Pronghorn

Name Pronghorn
Male Name buck
Femle Name doe
Kids/Baby Name fawn
Group Name herd
More About Pronghorn

  • The pronghorn is the only creature in the world to shed a branched horn annually. That's why pronghorn are the sole embers of their genus, Antilocapra.
  • Pronghorn eyes, measuring about two inches in diameter, rank as some of the largest in the animal world, almost as large as the elephant's.
  • The pronghorn's field of vision is nearly 360 degrees.
  • Pronghorn are the second-fastest animals on earth, second only to the cheetah, and have been clocked at speeds of over 60 miles an hour.
  • Pronghorn are not jumpers and are stymied by barricades that a deer would clear easily.
  • Pronghorn can tolerate temperatures from a scorching 130 degrees Fahrenheit to the bitter cold of 50 degrees below zero.
  • Pronghorn seldom drink water but obtain most of the water they need from the vegetation they eat
  • Height: Approx 3' at shoulder
  • Weight: 120 pounds (male), 105 pounds (female)
  • Horns: 13-15" (male), 3-5" (female)
  • Speed: 55 mph
  • Mating: Late August - September
  • Young Born: Late April - June
  • Average Life Span: 9 years
  • Habitat: Grasslands
  • Food: Forbs (annual "weeds" and flowers) and small shrubs

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