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Name Of Nightingale

Name Nightingale
Male Name cock
Femle Name hen
Kids/Baby Name chick
Group Name watch
More About Nightingale

  • The Nightingale's plumage is plain brown with a reddish-brown rump and tail. The throat is whitish and the underparts are grey-brown.
  • The large black eye is made more prominent by a pale eye-ring.
  • The bill is dark brown and the legs flesh coloured.
  • Length 16-17cm
  • Summer visitor to S and SE England, present from mid-April to August Skulking and secretive
  • Wing Span: 20-22.5 cm (8-9")
  • Weight: 15-23 g (½-¾ oz
  • Breeding Pairs: 5500
  • Prefers lowland deciduous woodland especially with coppice or with dense bushy undergrowth.
  • Eats mostly insects and worms, but also takes fruit and berries.
  • Famed for its powerful, musical song, which is delivered both by day and at night and is audible over long range
  • Has rich brown upperparts which contrast with chestnut-red lower back and tail; underparts pale grey-buff.
  • Favours woodland with dense scrub layer and mature coppiced hazel; several neighbouring pairs usually found in suitable habitats.

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