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Name Of Kangaroo

Name Kangaroo
Male Name buck, boomer, jack
Femle Name doe, flyer, jill, roo
Kids/Baby Name joey
Group Name troop, herd, mob
More About Kangaroo

  • Kangaroos are the largest marsupial mammals. They belong to the Macropodidae family.
  • Kangaroo moves by hopping on its hind legs using its tail for steering and balancing while hopping at speed up to 40mph/60kmh
  • When kangaroo is moving slowly the tail is used as an extra leg and supports the kangaroo when it is standing on its hind legs.
  • Most kangaroos can only move both back legs together and not one at a time
  • Kangaroos are found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.
  • They are grazing animals that eat grass, young shoots and leaves of heath plants and grass trees.
  • Kangaroos need very little water to survive and are capable of going for months without drinking at all.
  • A male kangaroo is called a buck. It is also commonly called a "boomer" or an "old man".
  • A female kangaroo is called a doe, or a flyer. A baby kangaroo is called a joey.
  • Kangaroos are social animals that live in groups or "mobs" of at least two or three individuals and up to 100 kangaroos
  • Kangaroos usually have one young annually. The joey remains in the pouch for nine months and continues to suckle until twelve to seventeen months of age
  • Kangaroos can have 3 babies at one time. One becoming mature and just out of the pouch, another developing in the pouch and one embryo in pause mode
  • There are 4 teats in the pouch and each provides different milk for the different stages of development.
  • They rest in the heat of the day.
  • They pant like a dog.
  • They dig shallow holes under trees and lie in the cool sand.
  • They have a spit bath by licking their arms.
  • Kangaroos are very good swimmers but they will only take to water when chased or if they have no other choice.
  • They have very good hearing, eyesight and sense of smell.

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