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Name Of Jay

Name Jay
Male Name cock
Femle Name hen
Kids/Baby Name chick
Group Name band, party
More About Jay

  • Head and neck all around, and back sooty black, touched with streaks of cerulean blue on forehead, and pale gray on chin and blue on wings and tail; terminal portion of tail and wings crossed with fine black bars, sharply on secondaries and tertials, faintly or not at all on greater coverts.
  • Their bills and feet are black.
  • Range/ Habitat: Pacific coast from southern California to Alaska; resident and breeding throughout it's range.
  • In the fall, winter, and spring their food consists largely of acorns, chestnut, berries, seeds, grain, insect, lizards etc.,
  • during the summer months the destroy and devour a great many eggs and young of the smaller birds, their taste for which, being so great that they are known to watch a nest until the full compliment of eggs is laid before making their theft.
  • Their nests consist of a bulky mass of fine twigs thickly plastered centrally with mud and lined with fine rootlets placed 6 to 30 feet high in evergreen tree thickets or near the edge of a clearing.
  • They lay 3 to 5 eggs, usually 4, are pale bluish green, uniformly but moderately spotted with olive brown and pale rufous and with numerous shell markings of lavender. Usually laid from April to May.

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