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Name Of Gorilla

Name Gorilla
Male Name male
Femle Name female
Kids/Baby Name infant
Group Name band
More About Gorilla

  • Gorillas are quadrupedal. They walk on all fours with the soles of their feet flat on the ground and the knuckles of the hands curled and planted on the ground.
  • Gorillas live in groups of one fully adult male and several females.
  • They play, sleep, and eat within this structured family group.
  • The dominant male, often called the silverback male, leads the group. He regulates what time the group wakes up, eats, and goes to sleep.
  • Gorillas learn from their mothers and other adults what to eat, social and sexual behavior and how to rear young. They care for their babies with great affection, patience and playfulness.
  • Gorillas eat some 200 types of leaves, tubers, flowers, fruit, fungus and some insects. Favorite foods include bamboo, thistles and wild celery. Gorillas do not drink water. They obtain all the moisture they need from the vast amounts of foliage they consume. Males consume approximately 50 lbs. a day.
  • Gorillas mate year-round. The female produces one offspring about every fourth year. If her offspring gorilla dies in infancy, which happens 40-50 percent of the time, she will breed more frequently.
  • A young gorilla remains with its parents three years after its birth.
  • Gorillas recognize each other by their faces and body shapes. Each gorilla has a unique nose print.
  • Mature females are approximately half the weight of males. Infant gorillas weigh about 2.3kg (5 lb) at birth.
  • Western lowland gorillas are found in zoos all over the world. They have been important in behavioral research because their intelligence and body structure are closer to that of humans than any other primate except for chimpanzees.

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