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Name Of Gerbil

Name Gerbil
Male Name buck
Femle Name doe
Kids/Baby Name pup
Group Name horde
More About Gerbil

  • Gerbils are social, athletic, active, curious, bold, and extremely cute little rodents.
  • Gerbils are desert creatures that live in social units called "clans".
  • Gerbils live in burrows and tunnels to keep safe from natural predators - birds.
  • Gerbils produce hard pellet type feces and small amounts of urine.
  • Gerbils do not need water baths but LOVE sand baths.
  • Gerbils alternate between wake and sleep patterns of 2-4 hours.
  • Gerbils will mate and may become pregnant the same day they give birth.
  • At birth, pups are hairless, bright pink, blind, and deaf.
  • They must drink milk from their mother for several weeks. After only a few days the pups start to grow fur which grows fast and is soon easily visible. In a week or two they have a full coat of fur (which will be their fur color for life).
  • Gerbils are rodents (rodentia), they need to chew on things to keep their ever-growing teeth worn down.
  • They look much like a fat, curious mouse. One obvious difference is the tail.
  • Gerbils have furry, long, and stif tails.
  • Gerbils eat a variety of foods including seeds, stalks of plants, tubers, roots, and flowers.
  • One of the interesting fact is their late discovery. Gerbils were not even discovered until the mid 1950's.

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