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Name Of Cattle

Name Cattle
Male Name bull
Femle Name cow
Kids/Baby Name calf
Group Name drift , drove, herd, mob
More About Cattle

  • Every year, approximately 36 million cattle are raised to provide beef for US consumers. Two-thirds of these cattle (about 24 million cows) are given hormones to help make them grow faster.
  • The lifespan of cattle averages 9 to 12 years.
  • However, the lifespan of cattle raised for beef is significantly shorter.
  • These animals are typically weaned at 6 to 10 months, live 3 to 5 months on range, spend 4 to 5 months being fattened in a feedlot, and are typically slaughtered at 15 to 20 months.
  • Mother cattle are called cows.
  • Before she becomes a mother, a cow is called a heifer.
  • She usually will have her first baby at about 2 years old and the baby is called a calf. After she has this baby, she becomes a cow.
  • Father cattle are called bulls.
  • Male cattle that will not be fathers are called either oxen if they are going to be used for work or steers if they are to be used for meat.
  • Cattle are ruminants. This means that their stomach has four compartments and they chew their cud.
  • Ruminants also have cloven toes and the ability to grow horns.
  • Because cattle are ruminants, they can eat and digest grasses that humans cannot eat.
  • There are hundreds of breeds of cattle worldwide.
  • Most cattle have unbranched horns consisting of a horny layer surrounding a bone extension of the skull; these horns, unlike those of deer, are not shed.
  • Some cattle are naturally hornless.

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