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Name Of Butterfly

Name Butterfly
Male Name male
Femle Name female
Kids/Baby Name caterpillar, larva, pupa, chrysalis
Group Name swarm, rabble (group of caterpillars is an army)
More About Butterfly

  • Their taste sensors are located in the feet, and by standing on their food, they can taste it!
  • All butterflies have six legs and feet.
  • Range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to almost 12 inches
  • Can see red, green and yellow
  • There are 292 species of butterflies in Canada. Most of which are found in British Columbia (176) and the fewest on Prince Edward Island (42). In Ontario we have 142 species.
  • Butterflies are divided into two main groups called skippers (hesperioidea) and true butterflies (papilionoidea
  • Some butterflies, such as the Northern Pearly Eye, will fly at night.
  • Butterflies are the second largest group of to bees.
  • Harvester larvae are carnivorous. They feed on aphids not plants.
  • Butterflies don't have lungs.
  • The Mourning Cloak and Compton Tortoiseshell are Canada's longest lived butterfly. They can last up to 11 months.
  • In Canada we have two butterflies that use evergreens: the Pine Elfin and the Juniper Hairstreak.
  • Butterflies make up 20 percent of the order lepidoptera.
  • The Giant Swallowtail is the largest butterfly found in Canada. It's wingspan can reach up to 5".
  • The largest threat to butterflies is loss of habitat.
  • Since butterflies are cold blooded it is necessary for them to warm up their flight muscles. This is done by basking in the sun in order to absorb heat.
  • True butterfly antennae are filament like with a bulbous end.
  • Butterflies can attain a flight speed of up to 50 kph.
  • Butterflies are really cool.
  • Eastern Tailed Blue, Marine Blue, Bog Elfin and the Small Checkered Skipper all share top honours for Canada's smallest butterflies at wing a span of 16mm. Worldwide the smallest are the Pygmy butterflies at 11mm.
  • Butterflies smell with their antennae.
  • When it rains butterflies find shelter in crevasses, in dense undergrowth and tree cavities.
  • Butterflies breath through openings in their abdomen called "spiracles".

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