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Name Of Buffalo

Name Buffalo
Male Name bull
Femle Name cow
Kids/Baby Name calf
Group Name gang, herd, obstinacy
More About Buffalo

  • Males are called bulls and have bigger, square shaped necks
  • Females are called buffalo cows and have rounder necks
  • Buffalo calves and cows live in groups. A female calf remains with its mother - often for life.
  • Buffaloes are active mainly at night and at dusk, spending the rest of the day wallowing in mud or resting in woodlands.
  • Aboriginal people hunt buffaloes in Arnhem land and they even feature in their stories and culture.
  • At birth a buffalo calf weighs about fifty pounds. A full grown adult bull can weigh around 2000 pounds.Cows (female buffalo) average around 1,000 pounds
  • A full grown bull is about six feet tall.
  • The primary food of a buffalo is Grass.
  • Both male and female buffaloes have horns
  • Buffalo calves are usually born in May. They weigh about fifty pounds at birth, and are born with a cinnamon-colored coat, which they shed in about two months. The new coat grows out to be the familiar dark brown color one sees in adult bison.
  • Buffalo meat is significantly higher in protein, yet lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than most other meats, including poultry and many kinds of fish with less than 50 calories per ounce
  • Buffalo meat is accepted as a diet food by several nationally recognized weight loss programs. And it tastes good, too.
  • Buffalo often live well into their thirties, reaching maturity at 6 or 7 years of age.
  • A mature buffalo bull measures six foot tall at the hump and weighs up to a ton (2,000 pounds)!
  • Buffalo can easily run 35 miles per hour, with enough stamina to outrun a horse.

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