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Name Of Bison

Name Bison
Male Name bull
Femle Name cow
Kids/Baby Name calf
Group Name gang, herd, obstinacy
More About Bison

  • Commonly referred to as the American Plains Buffalo, once roamed the entire North American Continent with their numbers estimated at over 60 million.
  • Bison generally produce one 40-50 pound calf at a rate of one per year, with cows reproducing well into their 20's.
  • A mature cow will, on average, weigh 1,000-1,200 pounds. A mature bull will average 1,500-2,000 pounds. One Bison bull can service 10-15 cows.
  • Bison with plenty of good pasture and water are generally content and will stay put.
  • Bison are more efficient feed converters than cattle and should do very well with that ratio
  • Bison are well adapted to life on the open grasslands.
  • Their heavy coats protect them from both summer sun and winter winds.
  • Their thick winter coat is so well insulated that snow can lie on their backs without melting.
  • They are strong, hardy beasts who suffer few diseases in the wild.
  • Bison are unpredictable and can be very dangerous.
  • They appear slow and docile but really are quite agile and can run as fast as a horse; so don't try to out run one
  • A bison's tail is often a handy warning flag. When it hangs down and is switching naturally, the animal usually is unperturbed. If it extends out straight and droops at the end he/she is becoming mildly agitated. If the tail is sticking straight up, they are ready to charge and you should be somewhere else....but do not run.
  • Bison bulls weigh about 2,000 lbs and have heavy horns and a large hump of muscle which supports their enormous head and thick skull.
  • They have a thick mass of fur on their heads and a heavy cape of fur even in summer. This enhances their size and protects them when fighting.
  • They are especially ill-tempered and roar and battle during the breeding season from mid-July through August.

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