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Story for Kids :: GENERAL :: BELL THE CAT


At a grocer's shop there were a mice everywhere. People didn't want to come to his shop anymore.

So, the grocer kept a cat. She chased the mice and ate some each day. The mice had no chance to feed on anything more.

Troubled by the cat, mice held a meeting to get rid of the cruel animal as she killed them ruthlessly and their number was falling down. Each mouse suggested his idea but all ideas were rejected, as they were not practicable.

At last, a young mouse suggested to tie a bell round the cat's neck when she was fast asleep so that when she would move, the bell shall ring and warn them of the danger. So, they will run to safety.

Everybody approved the idea but the question was- who will bell the cat?

All the mice looked at each other in despair and the meeting got over.

The End..

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