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One Word Substitution

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There are two columns, column 1 contains a set of words & column 2 contains a set of sentences. Write the number of sentence from column 2 in the boxes given after the words in column 2 to match the write that defines the sentences of column 2 completely.

Column1 Column 2 Correct Answer
Cosmology 1 - study of relation of plants and animals to their surroundings.
Theist 2 - one who does not believe in god.
Atheist 3 - government rule by people.
Monarchy 4 - government rule by a king/queen.
Democracy 5 - one who believes in god.
Ecology 6 - blocking of light from one heavenly body by another.
Autobiography 7 - science of origin of universe.
Biography 8 - story of a person written by someone.
Ebullient 9 - story of a person written by himself/herself.
Eclipse 10 - one who is full of high spirits.


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