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  • Class 3 Maths Study Material

An Educational platform for Preparation and Practice Class 3. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Maths with free online comprehensive study material in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER for each Chapter of Maths for Class 3. This study material help Class 3, Maths students in learning every aspect of Substraction . Students can understand Substraction concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing Online Practice Tests on Maths,Substraction chapter repeatedly till they excel in Class 3, Substraction . Free ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS on Class 3, Substraction comprise of Hundreds of Questions on Substraction , prepared by the highly professionals team. Every repeat test of Substraction will have new set of questions and help students to prepare themselves for exams by doing unlimited Online Test exercise on Substraction . Attempt ONLINE TEST on Class 3,Maths,Substraction in Academics section after completing this Substraction Question Answer Exercise.

Unique pattern

  • Topic wise:Substraction preparation in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER.
  • Evaluate preparation by doing ONLINE TEST of Class 3, Maths,Substraction .
  • Review performance in PRACTICE TEST and do further learning on weak areas.
  • Attempt repeat ONLINE TESTS of Maths Substraction till you excel.
  • Evaluate your progress by doing ONLINE MOCK TEST of Class 3, Maths, All TOPICS.

20 less than 54 is ?

a) 14
b) 24
c) 34
d) 44

Correct Answer Is : 34
Solution Is :
Reducing 100 by 25 is?

a) 50
b) 75
c) 95
d) 15

Correct Answer Is : 75
Solution Is :
Take away 45 from 340 .We get ?

a) 200
b) 305
c) 315
d) 295

Correct Answer Is : 295
Solution Is :
Sam had Rs. 560 in a purse. He bought a book for Rs. 235. How much money is left in his purse?

a) 320
b) 325
c) 315
d) 235

Correct Answer Is : 325
Solution Is :
In a cricket match sri lanka made 247 runs. India has made 124 runs. How many more runs does India needs to win?

a) 120
b) 123
c) 157
d) 132

Correct Answer Is : 123
Solution Is :
Baby tortoise is 45 years old. Mother tortoise is 230 years old. How much younger is baby tortoise than mummy tortoise?

a) 115 years
b) 145 years
c) 185 years
d) 195 years

Correct Answer Is : 185 years
Solution Is :
Lucy noted electricity reading of her house last month reading was 257 units.This month reading is 450 units. How much more electricity does she use in one month?

a) 190
b) 193
c) 190
d) 200

Correct Answer Is : 193
Solution Is :
Daisy pencil is 25 cm long. Riya pencil is 7 cm long. How much longer did reema pencil than Sita?

a) 19
b) 7
c) 25
d) 18

Correct Answer Is : 18
Solution Is :
Maria and her friend went shopping. She bought things for Rs.245, Rs. 457 and Rs.120. Seema had Rs.500 note. How much money should she borrow from her friend to pay the bill?

a) 500
b) 322
c) 300
d) 337

Correct Answer Is : 322
Solution Is :
Find the difference between 6809-3125 ?

a) 36684
b) 784
c) 3684
d) 3672

Correct Answer Is : 3684
Solution Is :
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