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Name Of Guinea pig

Name Guinea pig
Male Name boar
Femle Name sow
Kids/Baby Name pup
Group Name group
More About Guinea pig

  • A guinea pig is not a pig at all, it's a kind of rodent like a mouse, rat, beaver, porcupine or hamster.
  • The origin of the guinea pig is South America.
  • Guinea pigs live about 5-8 years.
  • Guinea pigs are very shy and will spend a lot of time hiding.
  • Guinea pigs usually weigh about 24-32 ounces.
  • One way that guinea pigs communicate is through a high pitched squeal.
  • In some parts of the world, guinea pigs are eaten as food.
  • Guinea pigs don't have visible tails. They do, however, have a tail vertebrae, but to look at them and hold them, they don't have a tail.
  • Guinea pigs are born with fur and with their eyes open. They are not like rabbits or mice that are born hairless and helpless.
  • They are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand. Their feet look too big for their bodies!
  • They nurse right away on their mommy, and even nibble a little on her food a day or so later.
  • They grow up fast!
  • Guinea pigs eat a lot of food, at least Hunny did! No wonder they are called pigs!
  • Guinea pigs need to gnaw to wear down their teeth. Otherwise, their teeth will grow too long and then they won't be able to eat. That is a terrible thing for a pig.
  • Cavy" is the official word for guinea pig!

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