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Phrases - Look

look phrase
Look after - Take care
His uncle looks after him.

Look up - Search for, Rise, Respect
Look up the word in the dictionary.
Prices of goods are looking up.
His friends look up to him.

Look forward to - Expect with pleasure
The old man is looking forward to the visit of his grandchildren.

Look into - Investigate
I will look into the matter.

Look on - Regard
I look on him as my son.

Look sharp - Make haste
Look sharp or you will be late for school.

Look for - Search for
She is looking for a job.

Look over - Examine
Teacher is looking over our answer books.

Look through - Examine carefully
Please look through this book carefully.

Look upon - Regard
I look upon her as my sister.

Look down upon - Hate
I look down upon fears.
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