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All About Tiger & Animals Coloring Page

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All About Tiger
  • Tigers mark their terriories by spraying bushes and trees with a special mixture of urine and scent gland secretions. They also leave scratch marks on trees.
  • The size of a tiger's territory depends on the amount of food available, and usually ranges from about 10 to 30 square miles (26-78 sq. km).
  • Although tigers usually live alone, tiger territories can overlap. A male tiger's territory usually overlaps those of several female tigers.
  • Wild tigers can eat as over 60 pounds of meat at one siting. Despite the tigers great power and accurate senses, it has to dedicate alot of time to hunting, as only about one in ten hunting forays are successful. It mainly preys on deer or wild pig, but will also eat fish...if it can catch them.
  • Baby tigers or cubs weigh two to three pounds at birth, and live on their mother's milk until 8 weeks, where they are weaned on to food. After that, they begin to eat food that their mother kills for them. Tigers don't start hunting for themselves until about 1 and half years old.
  • Young tigers live with their mother until they are two to three years old, then they find their own territories.
  • Tigers have excellent Binocualar and colour vision. At night, the tiger can see well over 6 times better than humans
  • Tigers that live in the wild, live to about 10 years old. Whereas in zoos tigers can live to about 25yrs.
  • The length of a Tigers tail is 3 to 4 feet long, about half as long as its body. They use their tails for balance when runing through fast turns. Tigers also use their tails to communicate with other tigers.
  • Wild tigers exist in Asian countries: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal, Sumatra, Tibet ect....
  • The Tiger's footprints are called 'pug marks', unfortuanatly I don't have a picture yet, but there is one on its way....
  • It has an elongated body, short neck, and compact head with a relatively short muzzle.
  • The legs are stout and the paws are armed with retractile claws.
  • The total body length of an adult male tiger is between 275-290 cm and that of an adult female is 250-260 cm.
  • The adult male tiger weighs 180-260 kg whereas the adult female weighs 100-160 kg.
  • Tigers have a reddish-brown to rust-brown coat with black stripes and a white underbelly. Variations in coat colouration occur among individuals.
  • The gestation period is about three months (90 days).
  • The litter size may vary between 1-6 cubs, but 2-3 cubs are most common.
  • At birth, the tiger cub weighs between 800 - 1500 grams and measures 31 - 40 cm in length.
  • Cubs stay with their mother and siblings until about the age of two when they move on to establish their own territories.
  • Tigers are meat eaters. Their diet includes chital, sambar, gaur, barasingha, hog deer, barking deer, nilgai, pigs and cattle. Apart from large prey, tigers are also known to consume birds like peafowl and large rodents like porcupines. They are even known to attack elephants and rhino calves

Name: Tiger
Male Name: tiger
Female Name: tigress
Kid/Baby Name: cub, whelp
Group Name: ambush, streak
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