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All About Hummingbird & Animals Coloring Page

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All About Hummingbird
  • Adult female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (RTHU) are 15-20% Larger than adult males
  • MASS: About 3-4g (a nickel weighs about 5g); may nearly double mass prior to migration by putting on extra fat
  • LENGTH: About 8.5cm (3.5") from tip of bill to tip of tail
  • FLEDGLING SIZE: Hummingbirds are full-grown when they leave the nest; baby hummingbirds cannot fly
  • WING BEATS: About 60-80 times per second in normal flight, up to 200 times per second in courtship dives
  • SPEED: Normal flight about 25mph; up to 65kph (40mph) in a courtship dive
  • FLIGHT MUSCLES: Make up about 25% of RTHU's weight (compared to 5% pectoral muscle weight in human beings)
  • HEARTBEATS: About 250 times per minute while at rest, about 1,220 per minute while flying
  • HEART SIZE: About 2.5% of total body weight
  • NEST SIZE: Inner diameter of about 4cm (1.5"); the outside of the nest is about 6cm (2.25") tall.
  • EGG SIZE: 8mm x 13mm (.25" x .5"), roughly the size of a small jellybean
  • EGG COLOR: White, non-glossy
  • Most hummingbirds die within their first year; those that don't probably live an average of 3 years or so
  • Chicks are naked and about 2.5cm (1") long at hatching. Mass is doubled each day over the first several days.
  • BODY TEMPERATURE: 40.5 degrees C (105-108 degrees F)
  • A typical RTHU has 940 feathers
  • NEST MAKEUP: Spun by the female from spiderwebs and plant material, camouflaged with bits of lichen, lined with plant down
  • NEST LOCATION: Eastern United States and southern Canada in mixed woodlands, orchards, suburban areas with shade trees, etc.; often on an "edge" between open area and woods
  • NEST SITE: 2-18m (6-50') above ground, usually attached to a small, downward-sloping twig and often near water; nest site--but not the nest--may be used from year to year
  • NESTLINGS: NUMBER OF EGGS PER NEST: 2, sometimes 1, almost never 3
  • INCUBATION: About 16-18 days (perhaps longer in cool weather), by female only
  • BROOD PERIOD: About 21 days (perhaps longer in cool weather), by female only
  • FEEDING OF YOUNG: Female collects nectar and tiny insects in her crop, then regurgitates the slurry into mouths of nestlings
  • AVERAGE AGE: RECORD AGE: The oldest known RTHU is listed at about 9 years
Name: Hummingbird
Male Name: cock
Female Name: hen
Kid/Baby Name: chick
Group Name: charm
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