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All About Eagle & Animals Coloring Page

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All About Eagle
  • Bald Eagles are not really bald. Their head is actually covered with white feathers.
  • The white feathers on their head come when they are 5 or 6 years old.
  • Baby eagles are partially covered with down, but when they leave the nest; they have dark feathers all over.
  • The female can be one third larger than the male.
  • They have wide long wings that help them stay in the air.
  • A Bald Eagles wing span is normally 8 feet.
  • Usually they live near the sea.
  • They only live in trees 75 feet or higher.
  • Bald Eagles add to their nest over and over. Sometimes it can take a pair of eagles as long as six weeks to build their nest for the first time.
  • The eyrie is the large nest made of sticks and lined with twigs and green grass. The heaviest nest ever found is 1 ton. (That's 2000 pounds!)
  • They mate for life. The female may lay from one to three eggs and raises one brood (group) a year. If these eggs are destroyed the female may lay more eggs. It takes four weeks for an eagle egg to hatch.
  • Eaglets grow slowly and need a large amount of food.
  • Bald Eagles normally eat fish. Sometimes they will eat snakes and smaller birds.
  • They have long sharp beaks and curved talons to help hold prey.
  • They can fly with 8 pounds of food.
  • Bald Eagles help man by catching rodents and rabbits that destroy grain fields.
  • Eagles have great eyesight that helps them see for one to one and a half miles away. (Thus the term eagles eye) They can dive at 100 miles per hour. Their eyesight and diving ability help them catch food.
  • Bald Eagles are the national symbol of the United States.
Name: Eagle
Male Name: -
Female Name: -
Kid/Baby Name: fledgling, eaglet
Group Name: aerie, convocation
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